2013 Rogue's Gallery nominations
August 7, 2013
The Rogue in Rogue's Gallery

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It's hard to believe, but another theater season is already coming to a close. Over the 2012–2013 season, output for the Rogue Critic has continued to evolve, including a Twitter presence and a byline at EncoreMichigan.com. Coverage rules changed somewhat, in order to get the number of full reviews down to a manageable size (however, as with the 2012 Rogue's Gallery, productions that did not receive a full review may still be considered). With expanded programming and more ventures starting up all the time, it's a never-ending process, one that does not always find me on top.

This season also saw my unanticipated (but exhaustively documented) return to the stage, appearing in Planet Ant Theatre's Brimstone and Treacle. In the linked article, I discussed the conflict of interest inherent in reviewing or awarding a show in which one appears. There, it referred to the collaboratively decided Wilde Awards; for the Gallery, mine is the only voice, and therefore Brimstone and Treacle was not under consideration. Since they put their own production out of award contention by my inclusion, I want to take this opportunity to again thank director Dave Davies and Planet Ant Theatre for inviting me in, and the actors and artists alongside whom it was a joy and a treasure to work.

But while some things change, thus far the Gallery has not. As in past years, the 2013 Rogue's Gallery reflects more than 100 productions under consideration, and again, I'm proud to see how that diversity in form and style shows through. In all, 72 productions from 21 companies are represented in these elite 150 nominees. Once again, most productions considered were of the main stage, regular season variety, although some late-night and other original programming makes it way in. And as ever, I enjoy discourse on whether a show is truly a comedy or a drama, but I also enjoy having the last word: my decisions are final.

Thus, with another season behind us, it's refreshing to look back at so many accomplishments — too many to comprehensively document in list form, but it'll have to do — and then turn forward to the year to come. Congratulations to all the nominees, and to the community that fosters excellence in such quantity and variety.

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