SPOT THE ROGUE for Day 6 wrap-up
October 27, 2011
The Rogue in Rogue business, SPOT THE ROGUE
I didn't picture myself as Roguey Claus, but who am I to argue?

What have we accomplished in 6 days?
•Ensured some ramen eating in my future by raising $800!
•Exceeded the 29 entries of the original SPOT THE ROGUE contest
•Baffled the slideshow feature, which tops out at a paltry 30 images

This is cramazing, and we're not finished yet. Many thanks to the enthusiastic improvisers and staff of Go Comedy!, who not only stopped to meet me and take my picture last night, but used my suggestions and let me sing along and fed me cheese cubes and crackers and unbeatable beer specials as the laughter rolled on. And to the greatest bartender around, who vowed to match my pledge for his SPOT THE ROGUE entry by donating $25 of his own through the established Paypal fund, thanks a thousand times over for your generous spirit and dedication.

Tonight it's mid-Michigan's turn to show me what they've got; I'll be rolling into Williamston to revisit The Dead Guy in its final weekend. Along with Friday's stop at the Hilberry for opening night of Much Ado About Nothing, this is one of the final in-person SPOT THE ROGUE opportunities before I leave town for a long-planned visit. I'm finishing up the details on the WEEKEND LIGHTNING ROUND even now, and will have full instructions available for you tomorrow. So just wait for Saturday, Sunday, and Monday, when it will be just as easy and even more convenient to SPOT THE ROGUE, no matter where you are.

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