SPOT THE ROGUE for Day 7 wrap-up
October 28, 2011
The Rogue in Rogue business, SPOT THE ROGUE
Making it a grand with the Dead Guy.

I make a living as a copy editor, so my love of a correctly placed comma is well documented. However, I don't know if I've ever enjoyed typing the comma so much as I just did in the updated total. That's right, SPOT THE ROGUE for has crossed the threshold into four-digit fundraising with a total of $1,025! (Editor me is limiting that to a single exclamation point, but imagine a few dozen invisible ones stringing along behind it topped off with some clip-art fireworks. Yes, my excitement has reached clip-art heights.)

Tonight is Michigan's last opportunity to SPOT THE ROGUE in person, at opening night of Much Ado About Nothing at Hilberry Theatre. Watch this space for the heavily anticipated WEEKEND LIGHTNING ROUND, which will — so help me — offer supporters all over the world the opportunity to pitch in and show their support. Details about the all-play extension of the fundraiser are now available, and LIGHTNING ROUND entries will be accepted this Saturday through Monday.

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