SPOT THE ROGUE for Introducing the Lightning Round
October 28, 2011
The Rogue in Rogue business, SPOT THE ROGUE

WHO Supporters of

WHERE Anywhere in the world. Artists who have left the Michigan nest, this is your chance.

WHEN Entries accepted Saturday, October 29, through midnight Monday, October 31.

WHY To demonstrate our passion for comprehensive theater arts coverage in Michigan. (And because it's much harder to play SPOT THE ROGUE when the Rogue is out of town.)

WHAT Email with an image that falls within any of the following 3 categories:

"Rogue's Last Session"
Courtesy of Jess Preville

PhotoshopRoulette. Pledge amount: $10
Fabricate your own SPOT THE ROGUE opportunity on the backdrop of your choice. Players may acquire Rogue images from the photo galleries here and here. Creativity is encouraged (obscenity is not).

SPOTTED backstage
Courtesy of Rob Pantano
(and captive)

SPOT THE [You]. Pledge amount: $10
Go to a theatrical event, anywhere, and take a picture of yourself.
You could be attending a show, performing in a show, or working at or around a show; entries from backstage, the house, the lobby, in front of the marquee, or in any corner of a theater are all welcome. (Note: Participants must adhere to house rules about prohibited activities during a production. Taking photographs of a play in progress is verboten; not only will such entries be rejected, you're setting yourself up for a Rogue of a talking-to.)



Courtesy of Anne Marie Damman

RogueReplica. Pledge amount: $5
Stage your own version of the SPOT THE ROGUE playbill-peekaboo image using any playbill or program, or use this space to show your affection for, no matter how far away you are.




Participants may submit multiple entries from different categories; however, only one entry per person will count in any given category. (For example, the above-pictured Rob Pantano may still submit a PhotoshopRoulette or RogueReplica entry, but cannot submit another SPOT THE Rob Pantano.)

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