SPOT THE ROGUE for Weekend wrap-up
October 31, 2011
The Rogue in Rogue business, SPOT THE ROGUE

We've reached the last day of SPOT THE ROGUE for Thanks largely to some inspired Photoshop work, the total has edged up to $1,150, with the twelve-hundred mark just a whisper away thanks to a few pending entries. (Remember, all photos must be emailed to by midnight tonight in order to count toward the grand total.)

Rogue readers have done a commendable job thus far in building support for the fundraiser, but there are still funds remaining for the final push. The easiest way to contribute today is to cover all but your eyes for a RogueReplica image, which can be done anywhere in a matter of moments and bump up the total by another $5. The second-easiest way (and twice as lucrative, at that) is to go to a theater tonight and take a picture of yourself for a $10 SPOT THE [You] entry.

Your charge, Michigan theater fans and artists, is to break my bank in your support of If everyone in the cast and audience of Planet Ant's industry night of Séance 4 plays SPOT THE [You], I'll smile through every slurp of Top Ramen. If everyone in the cast and audience at the Ringwald's half-off Monday performance of Hedwig and the Angry Inch plays, I'll make happy noises as I nudge my thermostat down. If everyone in rehearsal tonight makes it a photo opportunity, I'll cry mercy and celebrate at the same time. So do your worst, supporters, and make me proud.

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