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In 2011, the Rogue attended 155 plays, readings, and festivals (about 3 per week) and penned 115 reviews (about 2.2 per week).

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The Abreact (Detroit)
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The AKT Theatre Project (Wyandotte)
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Blackbird Theatre (Ann Arbor)
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Detroit Repertory Theatre (Detroit)
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The Encore Musical Theatre Co. (Dexter)
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Go Comedy! (Ferndale)
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Hilberry Theatre (Detroit)
website | reviews | 2010 SIR

Jewish Ensemble Theatre (West Bloomfield)
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Magenta Giraffe Theatre Co. (Detroit)
website | reviews | 2010 SIR

Matrix Theatre (Detroit)
website | reviews | 2010 SIR

Meadow Brook Theatre (Rochester)
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Performance Network Theatre (Ann Arbor)
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Planet Ant Theatre (Hamtramck)
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Plowshares Theatre (Detroit)
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Purple Rose Theatre Co. (Chelsea)
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The Ringwald Theatre (Ferndale)
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Tipping Point Theatre (Northville)
website | reviews | 2010 SIR

Threefold Productions (Ypsilanti)
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Two Muses Theatre (West Bloomfield Township)
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Williamston Theatre (Williamston)
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Entries in SPOT THE ROGUE (12)


SPOT THE ROGUE for Day 4 wrap-up

An unprecedented, show-stopping SPOT THE ROGUE opportunity.

An accident along I-94 waylaid my plans to swing by Planet Ant before Monday's showing of Hedwig and the Angry Inch; my apologies to any improvisers left holding their cameras. However, Hedwig had come out as the rightful poll winner, and there were a few other mitigating factors that provoked me to make it a Ringwald night: (1) one of the performers threatened to ground her own son if he didn't vote in the poll, and (2) the amazing sentence, "I figured out last night I can keep my phone in my bra 'til the time is right."

The photo here documents the exact moment I realized a spotlight was trained on my head and Hedwig herself had freaking stopped the show to SPOT THE ROGUE. So did the entire band, and later, so did a lot of people in attendance. Entries are still trickling in, but as of now the total has leaped to $450. I know I'm missing at least a few images, so email those to and watch that number grow.

While I'm certainly having fun playing SPOT THE ROGUE, and helping supporters of increase their fundraising power, it's important to once again note that my puny contribution is not going to get the site to its $27,000 goal by its October 31 deadline. This is but one piece of the puzzle. To that end, the intrepid Megan Buckley has begun raising funds through a Paypal account. Details on how to donate are available here. So look at the growing collection of images, many of which feature members of this community that needs the depth and breadth of's tireless theater coverage, and think about what we could accomplish if a lot of people donated even a little money.

Tonight there's but one place to be, and that's the Abreact, for the industry night performance of The Hot Mess Chronicles 3. Last night shattered the daily record for SPOT THE ROGUE entries at more than eight, but I have a feeling the Abreact crew has a real shot at the title. Wednesday is still open to "Spotter's Choice," and Thursday and Friday have been scheduled at Williamston and Hilberry shows, respectively (mid-Michigan and WSU better represent!). Then watch this space for the final weekend lightning round.


SPOT THE ROGUE for Day 3 wrap-up

That's right, there's a T-shirt.

A big night at The New Theatre Project bumped up the total to $275, not bad for a weekend's work, but my bank account isn't crying for mercy yet. And as you can see from today's photo, I've made it easier than ever to SPOT THE ROGUE. If you can't make it out, the text reads, "Take a picture — it'll last longer."

Tonight has two fruitful possibilities vying for my attention: Planet Ant Theatre's delectable improv Mondays, now with free cider and donuts, and Who Wants Cake?'s primal scream musical, Hedwig and the Angry Inch. I'm letting the readers decide where I go, so vote here, then come meet me at the venue to SPOT THE ROGUE!


SPOT THE ROGUE for Day 2 wrap-up

Proof that if you don't have a camera on you, I will hand you mine.

With a total of $175, I'm ready to make a push to end the weekend strong. Tonight you might find me shopping at Mix in Ypsilanti, coincidentally the location of the final (nearly sold out!) performance of The American Crowbar Case. And as today's photo proves, not having a camera phone of your own is no longer a valid excuse.

Also, "Spotter's Choice" is still in effect! If you want to SPOT THE ROGUE, all it takes is an email and the Rogue will come to you. SPOT THE ROGUE flash mob, anyone? As for tomorrow, I'm torn between Planet Ant's improv Monday (cider and donuts!) and the Ringwald's half-price showing of Hedwig and the Angry Inch; so comment on my Facebook page to help me decide.


SPOT THE ROGUE for Day 1 wrap-up

With Mister himself, kindly playing along.

Thanks to the patrons and artists at Planet Ant Theatre's late-night comedy Seance 4 and one later-night reveler at =7= Brothers Bar for kicking off SPOT THE ROGUE for with a strong first night's showing. The current total stands at $125, although I believe at least one more image is pending — remember, email those to me as attachments, as I need to post the photo on the site in order for it to count.

This weekend, there's only one more activity concretely on the schedule: opening night of Jewish Ensemble Theatre's Imagining Madoff, at 8:30 this evening. If you can't SPOT me there, consider taking advantage of the wild-card option I'm calling "Spotter's Choice." If you want to SPOT THE ROGUE at a certain performance or just stumble across me at your favorite café, email and invite me wherever you like. I'll do my best to put myself in your camera's path.


SPOT THE ROGUE: Fundraiser Edition

Through the end of October, the Rogue Critic announces the return of the marginally popular SPOT THE ROGUE contest to help needs a boost. Let's do this.

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