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SPOT THE ROGUE for Day 5 wrap-up

You don't HAVE to appear in your SPOT THE ROGUE picture, but I must admit I love it when you do.

Last night was a SPOT THE ROGUE smorgasbord at The Hot Mess Chronicles 3. Photos are trickling in ever so slowly, both via email (preferred method) and on Facebook (not-preferred method, Facebook friends), so right now my total stands at $575. However, it takes more than one hand to count the number of entries I'm still waiting to receive, so if you have a photo of me but haven't sent it along, consider yourself chastised. Send me that email attachment and let's clear $700 already!

One of the great things about SPOT THE ROGUE for, and one of the reasons I started the fundraiser, is the many conversations I've been able to have with local artists about the site and its importance. The one thing I find myself returning to is the need for a multitude of voices that will bring the greatest number of patrons into our area theaters. I've enjoyed some kind appreciation of my highly analytical perspective, but the truth is, some people don't care about what the lighting scheme is trying to say about sanity or how a finely honed power struggle presents a larger commentary on religion in postmodern alternate-reality France. So many patrons want to base their decision solely on what the play is about, and/or whether they want to laugh or cry or ponder or hear some songs, and we need them, too — urgently so. Therefore, the more voices that advocate for your art, the more (and more varied) patrons will be reached and intrigued, and the more successful our community can be as a whole.

If is to be preserved, the motivation and action — and, yes, at least some of the funding — needs to come from those who would miss it most acutely. That means it does fall to the theaters and theater artists to take an active part in this effort. The Paypal fundraiser is still going; this is a fantastic way to chip in a small amount at the outset. Although the depth of our support is likely to be small, we can and must make up for it in breadth, which will point to how many people this affects and can only help the site gain sway as it pushes forward.

Join me tonight to check out one or all of the offerings in the Go Comedy! wednesday lineup: The Gauntlet at 8, Matt Naas and the Sing-a-long Singers at 9, and Proving Grounds at 10 (during which I'll briefly sneak out to the bar so as not to be spoiled for their upcoming holiday sketch comedy show). Troupe members, theater staff, and patrons alike can play: snap a picture of me, email it to, and I'll boost your contributing power with a $25 pledge to

As for this weekend, here's the part I haven't divulged until now: I'm going to be out of town Saturday through Tuesday, i.e., through the end of the fundraising period. So to the several individuals who have asked if they could Photoshop me into a picture, and to those faithful readers who have moved away but use to stay connected to the Michigan theater scene, soon it will be your time to play SPOT THE ROGUE — like never before. Tomorrow I'll outline the rules for the weekend lightning round.